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A Hertz renter backed up into us 9/20. Made claim 10/3 and the representative put down that "we backed up into them"! Adjuster closes case on 10/4 w/o calling us. We have a busted up car, they think its no biggy and claim dept won't change it in computer - we are still waiting on 10/19 for NOW a liability adjuster to call us. NO ONE takes responsibility for the error inputted. Meanwhile we wait..or we could fix ourselves is what Mr. Tonya... Read more

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Hertz Claim Management - Totaled car
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My car was parked on the side of the road, it was around 2:30 am on 9/11/2016 when my friend and I woke up to an interesting sound outside the house. I ran out front to find my car (fact from police report) 47ft from where I had parked it. A man driving a Hertz rental car whom was drunk and had been taking cocaine that night/morning hit and totaled my car I've had for less than a year. He had also began TAKING MY BELONGINGS FROM MY CAR!!! I... Read more

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I was in my Chevy S10 driving in the left lane I was approaching a traffic light, which was green, (nobody was in front of me) a lady driving a Hertz vehicle attempted a left turn out of the center lane (which is not a turn lane) thereby turning in front of me. I hit her because there was no way I could stop because she was too close when she turned. I called the number she gave me for the Hertz claims department and have gotten nothing but the... Read more

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I rented the car from Hertz on August 28th, 2016 at Newark airport NJ for 9 days. When I went to the front desk they did all the paperwork and gave me the key for the rental and said to go. Before I took the car off the premises I checked all around, everything was ok. Couple of days latter while driving in NJ I was stuck by another car driven by the lady who just came into my lane without warning and giving any signal. The damage was very minor... Read more

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I rented a car from Hertz in Des Moines and returned it without incident on 08/29/2016. O 09/29/2016 I received a letter from Viking Billing Company in Eden Prairie, MN stating that "I had either rented a vehicle from Hertz Corporation and returned it with damage or were involved in and accident with a Hertz Corporation vehicle." Hmmm the word EITHER really bothers me because it indicates there was damage to another vehicle in that parking lot.... Read more

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We rented a car in June 2016 at Belgium airport for a business trip. Some robbers broke into our car and stole our backpacks with laptops, earphones, ipads, etc. About 4,000 $ of electronics overall. We paid extras for the super coverage which was also covering the stolen goods. I called Hertz 6 times to get the email address to send my information(police report, invoices, purchase receipts, etc). Each time they gave me a different email... Read more

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Got a 2016 Nissan Rogue ( do to my vehicle being repaired) and spent a hour cleaning the inside. Covered with think dust, muddy floors and dog hair everywhere!! The smell is outrageous! Will never do business here again!

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I will never get their service again, I returned the car two weeks ago and they are still charging my card for extra fees. I returned the car clean, full tank, and on time. I kept complaining about this and all they said they were going to look into that and at the end I was advised that was the total, they added 15 dollars more when I had already paid the taxes. A week later the turn around and charge my card for extra $25 dollar. Who knows... Read more

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2 week rental car with Hertz. Unknowingly, park in a not allowed spot. Municipal police in Campinas, Sao Paolo, Brazil, towed vehicle to their yard. Tried to recover vehicle, pay the fee, and leave. But no way. Brazil laws only allow the owner of the vehicle to claim the car back. OK, then I called the Hertz office for assistance, and their solution was that they will send a HERTZ employee to the police yard, "within the next 5 days"!!!. So, I... Read more

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I rented a Hertz car on the 3rd of this month so I could get out to look at a car to buy. The young man in Sevierville was very nice but later that day I bought a car in Morristown TN. That is when it started down hill fast. First off the *** agent in Morristown didn't like the dealership I bought the car from. I had rented the car for two days for 44.00 with a 200.00 deposit. I returned the car to the store in Morristown and was told that I was... Read more

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