Arrived in Miami around 10:30 pm on October 5th went to get the car we reserved at Hertz. There were 5 agents in the area for the rentals only 2 were with customers, they have the virtual agents available off to the side.

there were 5 virtual machines with 2 that worked, well almost worked. One lady was trying to get her care through the virtual agent however, it didnt work. I was the only person in the line at the time and since she was there before me she just stepped right in front of me letting me know the virtual "machines" dont work. So I'm ok with that.

When she was called to the desk to speak with a real person for her rental, the lady guiding people to virtual machine came to guide me to the same broken machine and guess what, it didnt work. Although this lady was nice enough she was about to get off work but made sure I got my paperwork for the car I had rented before she left. That was the best part of this experience. I went to get my car with no problems as you know you just go to the car, the keys are in it and you're out.

Well as I was driving down the highway to the hotel, the car started swaying a little so I thought maybe its just a little windy out and I'm tired. Well that was only the beginning of this nightmare. We arrived safely at the hotel found some street parking without issue, go to bed, and then get up for the 9am parking enforcement. At that time we notice that the bumper clips were missing on the left front side of the care and and all 4 hub caps were bent.

With Matthew on the way, I called Hertz and let them know that I was given a "not so perfect car", they told me I had to contact the road side assistance people, who said bring in the car (after they checked to see if the location was still open due to the hurricane). When we get to the airport and tell them what happen we were told to get another car and dont worry because we didnt damage the car. We got all the necessary paperwork and got another car. So we were on our way to Walmart from the airport and as soon as i get the car over the speed of 30 I hear a noise coming from the front left tire, needless to say I pulled over and it was easy enough just some tape on the tire so i pulled it off.

Then walk to the front of the car and the head light on the left side of the car is out. So back to the airport we go in less than 20 minutes. We got back and the one attendant asks whats wrong and the the other attendant says the head light is out. So here we go again with the who in the F*** checks these cars when they come and go.

There is an attendant in a booth who checks the drivers license with the paperwork to make sure the correct person is driving. But what he doesn't do is check for damage to the leaving vehicle. So twice I got a crappy car that I had to take back, the third car I was sure I was not bringing back within the next day so I checked every inch of the car myself. After all that was said and done Hertz called me to ask me how I would like to pay for the damages to the first car I brought back.

Really!!!!!! If I had damaged the car why would I bring it back and why would I not sign anything that said I damaged the car and then you let me get a second and third car, and oh wait I didnt pay for your extra insurance either. So we dont settle the score on the first damaged car and you gave me 2 cars after that and then call me to say It was my fault. Yea ok keep waiting on that payment.

And the next time in Nevuary when I rent a car from you then we can square up on the first damaged car that you let me almost kill myself in. You're lucky I dont get an attorney and file suit against you for endangering my life with the first defective car.

Product or Service Mentioned: Hertz Car Rental.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I liked: Returns were easy.

I didn't like: Condition of the cars they gave me.

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