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On 4/24/13 I booked a rental car through Priceline bidding and it turned out to be a Hertz car ---Priceline’s choice, not mine --- which I picked up at the Denver airport on 4/25/12. Priceline billed me $213.90 for my five day rental. When I picked up the car at the Denver airport, no one inspected the car. I was simply directed to a numbered place (42) on the Hertz lot to pick up the car. However, on returning the car to Hertz on 4/30/13 I was told the car had been in an accident and damaged. Hertz wanted an additional $162.36. I decided to dispute this claim and was told to sign a form. I did not have an accident in this car. The car was parked in a garage so there was little opportunity for any damage to occur. I did not notice any damage.

Recently we received a bill for 187.36 from Viking Billing Service, Inc. (claim number GV0713), for the $162.36 + $25.00 for a total of $187.36. Upon calling Viking regarding this we were told we could not dispute the claim. We seem to have no other recourse but to pay this fee to Viking. Is this a scam? Is this how Hertz makes up for low bids from Priceline? If so, be assured that I will never rent a car from Hertz again. Further more, I will make sure all my friends, associates and every review website I can find are made aware of your disreputable practice.

Monetary Loss: $187.

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