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Similar experience - not only a Gold member but a 5-Star Gold Member for renting from Hertz so frequently and INCIDENT FREE! However when my last rental car, a bloody Prius wanna-be, was damaged by a hit and run while I was running errands in downtown Fredericksburg, VA, I was point-blank lied to from the rental office on HWY 17!

As soon as I noticed the damage, I called the guys at the Hertz office and explained everything. Since the vehicle was still drivable, I was told to just bring it back on my contracted return date. I was literally in tears when I called them bexcuse nothing like this had ever happened to me before. When I returned the car, I filled out the yellow incident report in complete detail, which again got me teary eyed .

The guy at the counter explained that the Visa credit card I had used to rent the car would cover the cost of any damages. He told me to WAIT UNTIL I RECEIVED A BILL FROM HERTZ CLAIM DEPT AND THEN CONTACT VISA WITHIN 90 DAYS. We'll, I NEVER received anything in writing from Hertz which led me to believe that Hertz and Visa had already handled everything somehow. Then I get a call from a Florida number, which I sent to voicemail because I screen all my calls, telling me I was being sent to collections for the cost of the damages.

I immediately called the number back and explained everything from the very beginning. The woman I spoke with was helpful but rude and practically insinuated that I was making the whole thing up. Still, I did exactly as she instructed me to do and contacted Visa to file the claim, which I had just discovered should have been filed at the time of the incident! So I fill out the claim form online with Visa, once again explaining everything in detail from the beginning, and once again getting emotional because I am going through a lot right now, and all this while I still have no idea how much money Hertz was demanding for the damages.

About a week or two later I get a bill from Hertz in the amount of +$1600! The next day I get an email from Visa asking for additional information, which I provided 3 separate times! Always receiving the same boilerplate response explaining that I filed the claim outside of the reporting window time frame and please provide information as to why I didn't report it sooner. Long story short - Visa won't cover it because I did not report the incident within 45 days, despite the fact that I was given wrong information from Hertz.

And Hertz just sent me a second letter telling me to pay in full to avoid further negative action. I am 30 years old, with severe psychiatric disabilities, so I cannot work and almost all of my disability benefit money goes directly towards my health care costs. So I certainly do not have over $1600 to pay for damages I didn't do, just because someone didn't know what they were talking about and gave me wrong information. I truly do not know what to do!

I am having extreme panic attacks over this whole situation to the point where I may actually cause harm to myself.

And no body gives a ***! I miss my Hertz office back in Oxnard, CA....i really dislike the bloody commonwealth!

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss poor customer service of hertz claim management auto claim. Hertz Claim Management needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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